Beloit Sheet Splitter

The Beloit Sheet Splitter is a precision instrument specifically designed for the analysis of the transverse distribution of composition and structure in paper and board.


A wet sample is introduced into the nip of the stainless steel splitting rolls. These rolls are cooled to a point below 32°F (0°C).

The sample is split internally on the outgoing side of the nip (see drawing). This may be described as a dynamic process in which the interior plane of splitting occurs in a zone which has not been frozen by the advancing ice fronts produced by the splitting rolls.

The split sections are doctored from the rolls. These split sections can, in turn, be re-split until the section becomes too thin for a uniform split.

Here are some examples of sections obtained with the Beloit Sheet Splitter.



Eight sections of a single sample of newsprint.

Eight sections of a single sample of Kraft bag stock.

Six sections of a single sample of Coated Publication grade.

U.S. PAT. 3182874