Concora Friction Tester

The Concora Friction Tester is designed to measure the skid resistance of paperboard and paperboard packages. It is quick and easy to operate and is mechanized to minimize the human element by providing constant rate of tilt and provide reproducible measurements.
The Concora Friction Tester can be used to evaluate skid resistance of linerboard, combined board, cartonboard, corrugated, solid fibre boxes, folding cartons and can also be used to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of nonskid coatings and treatments.

Skid resistance, in terms of static and kinetic friction, can be measured in a number of ways: board to board, package to package, board to metal, or package to metal.

The Concora Friction Tester is large enough to accommodate most of the common sizes of boxes, cartons, and board samples, yet small enough to fit on a laboratory bench. This permits testing under controlled atmospheric conditions of 73°F, 50% R.H., as prescribed by ASTM-TAPPI, another factor in aiding reproducibility on different instruments in different locations.

The Concora Friction Tester requires a bench area of 17" x 24". The effective testing plate area is 12.5" x 22.5" and the top of the metal plate is equipped with a spring clamp to hold the board sample to be tested. The instrument is equipped with weights for use when testing samples of paperboard. These weights are faced with rubber so they will stick to the sample.