Custom Molds

Liberty has decades of professional knowledge and tools to create molds that give shape to your product. We are proud of our ability to take your candy mold from design to finished product.

  • CAD designed molds
  • Best practice methods
  • Zinc, plastic and aluminum molds (with or without Teflon coating)
  • Silicone rubber molds

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Mold Boards

Liberty manufactures all styles of mold boards (Bosch Makat, NID, Tanis, Winkler and Dunnebier). Our boards are custom designed for the specific mold shapes used, ensuring maximum venting, and resulting in superior printability and detail. Because a mold board that flexes will net poor printing results, we build our moldboards as a one piece unit out of aircraft grade aluminum.

  • CAD design boards
  • Designed with maximum breathability and printability
  • 100% aircraft aluminum to prevent flexing.

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