The Concora Sample Cutter is designed to produce a dimensionally accurate sample in length and width, and most importantly, squareness of all edges. The Concora Sample Cutter is guaranteed to cut samples parallel within ±.0005".

The instrument will accommodate a full square foot sample of board so that further cutting of a normal sample is not necessary. Long strips of board may also be passed through the Cutter. MD and OD samples are easily aligned. The Concora Sample Cutter is constructed with a stripper plate with the full width length of the Cutter and is spring loaded to prevent slippage when the sample is being cut.

The Concora Sample Cutter is constructed with a Plexiglas front, allowing the operator to observe the placing and cutting of the sample.

Place the sample, either MD or OD, through the slot provided on the Plexiglas front, underneath the punch of the die, and depress the handle. The sample falls to the mahogany base and can be removed through the lower slot.
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