Nozzle Plates

Every nozzle plate is designed to maximize the use of the customer's equipment. This is accomplished by understanding how the depositor functions in relation to the printed starch tray ensuring maximum quality and alignment.

  • 100% custom designed and manufactured
  • Flow Works software to insure proper product flow

Program Plates

Each Program Plate is designed in conjunction with the nozzle plate to insure maximum quality of the final product.

  • 100% custom designed and manufactured
  • Designed to work in conjunction with each nozzle plate

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Depositor Pumps

LEC4000 series is Liberty Engineering's high quality, field-proven depositor pump. The LEC4000 depositor is available in a variety of sizes, styles and with multiple color delivery capabilities. In addition to standard sizes, Liberty can custom design and manufacture depositor pumps to your specifications and production needs.

  • 100% replaceable parts
  • 0% lead used
  • Multi-color production delivery
  • Standard sizes and styles
  • Custom design and manufacturing available

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Associated Parts and Consumables

Liberty also manufactures replacement parts and consumables. We will be happy to inventory parts you know you are going to need throughout the year. This allows for shorter lead times and reduced cost. Give us a call to discuss.
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